5-Axis Milling

Precision 2000 Mask

What is 5-Axis Milling?

A 5-axis machining centre allows the cutting tool to move across the X, Y and Z linear axis as well as rotating on the A and B axis to approach the work piece from any direction. This reduces set up and loading times, and allows for a more efficient, and cost-effective, machining strategy. With the combination of 5-axis machinery and state of the art MasterCAM CAD/CAM software, we are able to carry out simultaneous 5th axis machining, allowing us to manufacture extremely complex parts.

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5 Axis Capabilities

At Precision 2000 we have 5 Axis capacity that allows us to machine complex components.  The maximum diameter we can produce on our 5th Axis machines is 320mm and linear dimensions of  300mm x 300mm x 600mm.

1 x Hurco VMX42U 5 Axis Machining Centre

300mm x 300mm x 600mm, 320mm dia.