EDM Wire & Spark Erosion

Precision 2000 Mask

What is EDM Wire & Spark Erosion?

Wire and spark erosion employs an electrical current or spark to remove material from components to very tight tolerances. This in-house capability allows us to produce high quality and geometrically complex components for our customers.

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EDM Capabilities

Spark Erosion allows for the manufacture of complex internal cavities and profiles. EDM Drilling allows for rapid removal and disintegration of broken taps & drills, along with accurate start holes for the Wire Erosion process. Wire Erosion allows us to machine complex and intricate features that would be impossible by way of CNC milling.

Charmilles FORM 2-LC ZNE Spark Eroder

425mm x 400mm x 220mm

Charmilles Actspark SD1 EDM Driller

300mm x 200mm x 300mm

Charmilles Robofil 510 Wire Eroder

700mm x 400mm x 400mm

GF E Cut 600 Wire Eroder

1030mm x 800mm x 345mm