Conventional Machining

Precision 2000 Mask

What is Conventional Machining?

Conventional machining uses traditional machine tools, where the movement of the machine is controlled manually by the machine operators. Toolmaking and conventional machining techniques are still an important part of our capacity, and also provide significant training opportunities for our apprenticeship programme.

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Conventional Machining Capabilities

Precision 2000 also has a complement of conventional machine tools. Along with the traditional skills of tool-making, manual machining still serves an integral part of our services. Our traditional machine tools also provide training opportunities within our apprentice programme.

Conventional machine tools are used to manufacture prototypes, one-off components, small batch work, jigs, fixtures, press tools, and machine and production line spares. Precision 2000 has a range of milling, turning, grinding and tapping machines. All conventional machines are fitted with DRO equipment to assist with accurate component manufacture.

Conventional Turning

400mm dia x 1200mm

Conventional Milling

660mm x 305mm x 406mm

Surface Grinding

457mm x 152mm x 400mm