Precision 2000 Mask

Quality Assurance & Inspection

Precision 2000 are committed to the delivery of quality products and components. Our Quality Department, and personnel, are always available to accommodate our client’s quality requirements, from a simple inspection report to a fully documented quality pack, including measurement reports, FAIRS and PPAPs.

Our dedicated Quality Department is fully equipped with highly accurate and calibrated inspection equipment, including CNC CMM machinery, digital height gauges, Shadowgraph Projectors, and Hardness Test equipment, alongside fully controlled, traceable and calibrated instruments, gauges and thread-measuring equipment.

Quality is not the sole responsibility of the Inspection Department but is integral to each stage of the manufacturing process.

Quality Policy

Precision 2000 Ltd has established a formal quality management system that extends to every aspect of the business:

  • To provide a service which meets and exceeds customer requirements, including any legal requirements, ensuring minimum risk to business.
  • Work closely with customers and suppliers to achieve 100% product conformity
  • Ensure staff are suitably trained and qualified
  • To provide a safe working environment
  • To operate best environmental practice

In order to meet these aims, Precision 2000 Ltd has implemented a documented quality management  system that meets the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001: 2015. This covers all aspects of business operations from receipt of enquiry to delivery of goods.

The Managing Director has the authority and responsibility to ensure that the quality system is fully implemented, communicated and understood across the organisation. Staff are responsible  for the quality of their own work and empowered  to control and contribute  to quality improvements, at all times

Quality  objectives  are  defined  by the management  team  and continually  reviewed  at six monthly management review meetings.

Precision 2000 limited is committed to the continual Improvement and effectiveness of the

Quality Management System in order to meet customer requirements.

Download Quality Policy Here