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What is Inspection?

Inspection confirms components that are manufactured by our highly skilled team of machinists, meet our customers drawing specifications. Critical sizes are confirmed by CMM measurement, whilst less critical work can be verified conventionally. Our inspection department, and personnel, are available to accommodate our client’s demands at all times. Fully detailed documentation packs can be despatched with shipments of goods and emailed/uploaded to client portals, in advance, of parts being shipped.

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Inspection Capabilities

Precision 2000 is aware of the absolute requirements of assured quality at all times, and to ensure this is met, Precision 2000, has established a formal quality management system approved to BS EN ISO 9001:2015. We are accredited through Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQ 4000727).

Our dedicated inspection department is fully equipped and includes a Mitutoyo CMM, Trimos Height Gauges, Shadowgraph Projector, Hardness Tester & Microscope, along with fully controlled and calibrated gauges, and thread measuring equipment.

Quality is not the sole responsibility of the inspection department but is built into each stage of the manufacturing process, from the Company Directors to each Machine Operator.

Mitutoyo CMM

CMM’s are used to accurately measure components in a temperature controlled environment. Our inspection department is ready to fully accommodate all our clients' demands and produce detailed inspection reports.


At our clients request we are able to produce full documentation packs to show traceability throughout the manufacturing process of a part. From material certification to inspection reports, we can provide our customers with all the documentation required to meet the end clients approval.

Hardness Testing

At Precision 2000 we have hardness testing capabilities. This allows us to check finished parts are within our drawing hardness ranges. Our hardness tester is fully calibrated and inspection reports can be issued after verification.

Full Calibration

Precision 2000 operate using a full calibration system for all of our equipment and machinery. This is to ensure compliance to our our Quality Management System and ISO9001:2015.


A shadowgraph is used to check complex thread forms and grooves. The Shadowgraph has precision optics, LED lighting and a highly accurate workstage to ensure bright, sharp images and exceptional accuracy. This allows us to magnify forms to ensure they are compliant to drawing specification.


The Trimos is a calibrated digital height gauge which is used in our inspection department for quick and accurate measurements. This versatile machine is generally used for checking heights and depths of components.